Top 4 most beautiful flowers in Sapa


Sapa’s climate is cool, and therefore, besides Da Lat, this land is a place where you can find one of the most beautiful flower kingdoms of Vietnam. Sapa flowers bloom four seasons a year. Each season, there will be one or two seasonal Sapa flowers blooming gorgeously.

Making the trekking Sapa tours, you will have a chance to witness the beauty of colorful flowers in this flower kingdom. And, here are the top 4 most beautiful flowers in Sapa.

1. The Buckwheat blossom

Top 4 most beautiful flowers in Sapa

The buckwheat season is a crop after rice season and maize season. It is planted by the people, doesn’t naturally grow in the forest, so, if you love the romantic beauty of this kind of flower, you can easily define the place and the time to travel to Sapa for taking photos with the buckwheat fields here.
This plant is also called “Tam Giac Mach” which means triangle in Vietnamese because it has leaves and petals when being hatched will look like the triangular shape.Typically, the buckwheat season takes place in two main months: March and October.

2. The Sapa rose

Top 4 most beautiful flowers in Sapa

Every corner of Sapa seems to be charming like a muse of a certain famous poet, with the seductive pink of the Sapa roses. From early morning, when it’s still frosty, just try entering the alleyways and you’ll see the brilliant roses blooming gorgeously. The scent of roses mixed in the fresh air of this place makes people feel peaceful, relaxed like being in another world separated from the noisy, stressful world that they have to face with every single day.
If Da Lat has a love valley, Sapa also has a romantic and beautiful rose valley. ATI’s eco-tourism site, known as the “Rose Valley“, is becoming an attractive destination for both domestic and international visitors.

3. Sapa wild white plum blossom

Top 4 most beautiful flowers in Sapa

When spring begins to spread the first sweet sunshine on the hills, grasslands, and fields,… That’s also the time when the white plum garden blossomed gorgeously. Where there are thousands of hectares of plum, which is a symbol of Sapa’s beauty.
White plum blossom field is a sweet paradise for those who love nature, want to mix in the beautiful white of nature. The crowns are just over the top of the tree, the flowers are wrapped around each other like a splendid net.

4. Sapa broccoli flower

Top 4 most beautiful flowers in Sapa

Who knows, the simple broccoli flower fields can be that beautiful under the light sunshine of Sapa.
Maybe that’s why there are a lot of tourists coming to Sapa in the broccoli season. Because when coming here in the broccoli season, tourists will have a chance to watch the beauty of each stunning broccoli branch shaking in the cool breezes, like a yellow, soft carpet. In the last days of the year, when the winds began to cover the North, it was when the flower season. Broccoli flower is only blooming in the early Winter, when the sky will be cold, scorched under the golden sun.Each season has its own beauty and flavor. Above is the top 4 most beautiful flowers in Sapa that I want to share with you. Please bring the backpack and go to feel the most beautiful flowers in the land of Sapa!


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